19 Kids and Counting Season 15 Episode 13 Recap: (Lots of) Duggars Say I Do!

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Last night on 19 Kids and Counting Season 15 Episode 13, we went behind the scenes of Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald's wedding, and that's not all.

The installment served as a look back to previous Duggar weddings, starting with Jill and Derick Dillard's nuptials just a few months prior to Jessa's.

We even flashed back to Josh and Anna Duggar tying the knot way back in 2008, and got a glimpse at Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's vow renewal.

Three weddings down, 16 to go? With Josiah Duggar courting Marjorie Jackson, it looks like we may be down to 15 by the end of this year or early next.

But back to 19 Kids and Counting Season 15 Episode 13, we began with Jessa and Ben, who learned a thing or two about weddings from Jill and Derick.

Not that they aren't independent. When wedding planner Sierra said Jessa is "really good about checking that everything stays in line," she sounded afraid.

Fortunately, Sierra had the help of around 200 people - all of whom had been helped in some way by the Duggars in the past - lending a hand to pull it off.

Jinger Duggar, the next youngest Duggar sister at age 21, acknowledged that it was "bittersweet" watching her "best friend" Jessa get married to Ben.

"I was super excited for her but then, at the same time, things are never going to be the same in our friendship on that level ever again," she said.

As for Jill and Derick Dillard, who recently welcomed their first child together, the planning of their June wedding was hindered by his mother's cancer.

As the two spent an increasing amount of time at the hospital, Anna Duggar and the rest of the girls stepped in to help out with all the wedding plans.

Fortunately, Jill was a low-maintenance bride, and best of all, Cathy not only found the strength to make it to the affair, but is now feeling much better.

Just as Jinger cried over Jessa, Joy Anna, 17, was tearful throughout the ceremony, saying "It was so hard for me, thinking of [Jill] moving out of the house."

Josh Duggar, 27, married Anna in September 2008, so long ago that the youngest Duggars likely don't even remember being on hand for that one.

They set the trend for budget-conscious nuptials, most notably with Anna sewing all of the bridesmaids dresses herself for an affordable $35 each.

"It was still the most special moment in our lives," said Josh, now a political activist living outside Washington. "We didn't have to spend all this money."

One of the highlights? John David Duggar "forgetting" the rings. When it came time to exchange vows, the groomsman leapt off the stage and ran for them.

"It was very intentional," he said. "Weddings are always so solemn and everything and so I figured I had to bring a little laughter into everybody's world."

Somehow we're not sure Anna appreciated the Duggar tradition to briefly fake-sabotage weddings (apparently), but at least J.D.D. got them eventually.

Last but not least, we saw Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar renew their vows while she was pregnant with the 19th of the 19 Kids and Counting, Josie.

The Arkansas couple did so in the very same place they got married 25 years prior, and all of their offspring - 18 at the time - were in the wedding.

"Thirty-one years ago, I asked you to marry me, and 30-and-a-half years ago we got married, and it's been a wonderful life," Jim Bob told his wife.

Aww. As always, you can watch 19 Kids and Counting online to relive all of these memories, along with many more from past seasons and installments.

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