17 Shocking Celebrity Marriages: Yes, They Really Did!

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This just in: Not every celebrity couple out there is akin to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Not every famous tandem spends six or seven figures on their nuptials, hyping it across every conceivable media outlet for months leading up to the ceremony and then discussing it ad nauseam afterward.

Some simply say they do, kissing their loved ones far out of the spotlight and then moving on with their lives.

Seriously! This happens! Just ask Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed!

You can also ask any of the well-known pairings featured above.

You didn't find any of their wedding photos on the cover of a supermarket tabloid.

Heck, in most these cases, you didn't even know the man and woman became Husband and Wife until after vows were exchanged.

Just how secret was one of the marriage ceremonies highlighted here? So secret that the groom was engaged to another actress when it happened! Scandalous to the extreme, we know.

To whom are we referring? Click around and find out now!

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