17 Celebrities Who are Packing in the Penis Department

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Earlier this week, courtesy of an Ed Sheeran radio interview, we learned that Harry Styles has a big penis.

About a year ago, meanwhile, Jon Hamm noted the "Tumblr accounts about my cock" and asked folks to stop talking about his private parts.

Then, of course, anyone who has viewed the Kim Kardashian sex tape is well aware that what Ray J lacks in singing ability he makes up for with girth... down there

All of this talk about male genitalia gave us an idea:

Why not give readers a single place where they could learn which stars were packing the most hump-worthy heat?!?

Hence the photo gallery above. It depicts the actors, singers and reality show mainstays whose units extend much farther down than the average man.

No wonder Hamm has that smile on his face, huh? 

Click around and find out who else is laughing all the way to the bank bed every night.

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