Zayn Malik Wants to Marry Perrie Edwards ASAP, Sources Claim

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Last week, Zayn Malik quit the current One Direction tour and returned to the UK to be with his fiancee, Perrie Edwards.

There were rumors that Malik cheated on Edwards and was rushing back to England in order to save his relationship.

The members of One Direction and the band's PR team have maintained that Malik was simply fed up and stressed out and couldn't stomach being on tour any longer. 

The latest reports from various insiders, however, suggest that Malik and Edwards might be on the rocks after all:

Perrie Edwards Picture
Serious Zayn Malik

"He's gutted that Perrie has been left humiliated," one source tells Closer magazine. "He's told Perrie that he'll do anything to please her and wants to stop pushing their wedding date back.

"He says he wants to get married this year, but Perrie is having a hard time letting go of what she's seen."

Malik and Edwards got engaged in 2013, but apparently cheating on the road, then coming home and begging forgiveness has been Zayn's M.O. for quite some time, and Perrie has finally grown tired of the routine:

"They've been in this situation before," says the source. "Perrie feels horribly embarrassed. Right now, she needs more time to really think about what she wants and to put him on probation. She's told him one more slip-up and it's over."

Sounds like it might be soon be over between Zayn and Perrie. Something tells us a few million 1D fans wouldn't mind if they called it quits.

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