Vin Diesel: Furious 7 Should Win an Oscar, But Academy is a Bunch of Haters

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Vin Diesel believes Furious 7, the latest and final film in the epic action franchise, deserves a best picture Oscar. Not that the Academy will give it its due, of course.

Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Tyrese

"Do I shy away from aiming high? No, I don't," said the 47-year-old actor, who just named his baby girl after Paul Walker, his late Furious 7 co-star.

Diesel, a mainstay of the Fast & Furious films based around fast cars, says the simple fact that it's an action franchise discredits it within the Academy.

"We all know there's a little stigma towards action films, we know it, we've heard people complain about it," he says of the lack of critical acclaim.

"We've heard Marvel complain about it, we've heard DC complain about it, and now Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Batman has never gotten a shot at that."

Alluding to the fact that a lot of recent Academy Award winners for Best Picture winners haven't fared too well, or well at all, at the box office, he said:

"The Oscars have been somewhat criticized in the last few years for maybe not being as populist as they could be ... we have a very powerful movie here."

"We're actually responding to the fact that our female audience has just increased and has either eclipsed or threatening to eclipse our male audience."

"We've seen that across the board," said Diesel, who produced the movie and also plays Dominic Toretto, the character he originated over a decade ago.

Diesel said a sequel hasn't won Best Picture since 1974 (The Godfather: Part II), however The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King won it in 2004.

Furious 7 is also special in that it is one of the last movies starring Walker, the beloved star whose brothers helped complete his part to honor Paul.

The film opens in the United States next Friday, April 3, and you can all but guarantee it will generate HUGE buzz and revenue all weekend long.

Should the Academy at least start giving a semi-serious look to films in the action genre, as Vin says? Should box office results be taken into account?

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