Taylor Swift: Contacting John Mayer Following His Split From Katy Perry?

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Last week, in news that surprised absolutely no one, Katy Perry and John Mayer broke up for roughly the 4 millionth time. 

You may recall that Mayer and Taylor Swift once dated and that Katy and Taylor hate each other. Thus, it would be the perfect time for Taylor to swoop in and devastate Katy's world just by engaging in a little ex-sex with Mayer.

So we were pretty excited when we first learned that Taylor has, in fact, been in contact with John. (Nothing against Katy, we just think Taylor going nuclear would be fun to watch.)

Taylor Swift in Britain
Katy Perry and John Mayer Picture

Sadly, it seems that Swifty has been texting Mayer for purely professional reasons. Boooring!

"She's reached out to him to do a duet," a source tells In Touch.

Still pretty weird, considering Taylor once dissed Mayer in song form, but we guess it's not as awkward as a booty call would've been.

So yeah, it looks like those of us hoping for an epic conclusion to that the great Taylor Swift-Katy Perry feud of '15 will have to wait a little longer.

We're hoping for either a rap battle, or for Katy to go after one of Taylor's famous exes. We hate to say it, but she's got plenty to choose from.

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