Someone Actually Got a Tattoo of #TheDress

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The Internet continues to disagree on whether the white and gold dress is actually white and gold... or, in fact, blue and black.

But there's one thing regarding this controversial clothing item on which we can all agree: one should not get it as a tattoo on one's body.

Someone forget to tell this to Daniel Howland, however.

The Dress Tattoo

Indeed, a few days after The Dress went viral (and then pretty much ceased going viral after the typical 24-hour news cycle that comprises these kinds of things), the Texas native got the frock permanently etched on to his leg.

How come?

“I pretty much got it because, I mean, I keep up with all the social memes and hysteria and whatever, and this is the only one that I really couldn’t wrap my brain around," Howland, 24, tells Buzzeed. "So I just decided to do it.”

Well... okay then!

We suppose this isn't all that much crazier than getting a McDonald's receipt as a tattoo. Or, really, getting Chinese symbols that you think make you all profound and stuff.

"I have an awesome tattoo on my leg," Howland concluded of the dress ink. "It’s just dumb."

Let no one say Ben Howland isn't self-aware.

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