Snoop Dogg Roasts Justin Bieber: You Should Be Aborted!

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We tried to tell you that nothing was off limits at the Justin Bieber Roast taping.

It took place earlier this month and it will air on Comedy Central this Monday, but the network has released a new sneak peek at the insult-based festivities.

In this clip, none other than Snoop Dogg is on stage, taking aim at Bieber, his mother, her decision not to abort him as a fetus and also at Usher's skin color.

Wait... what? Huh? Watch the video and see what we mean:

Bieber, of course, has been attempting to turn his reputation around for weeks now.

Comedy Central producers say he contacted them about the upcoming Roast because he wanted to prove to folks that he can make fun of himself.

Since the special was announced, Bieber has begged Seth Rogen to show up and slam him, while mocking various scandals from his past, such as when he egged his neighbor's house in early 2014.

That wasn't exactly Justin's best decision ever.

But, based on the following excerpts from his Roast, the past year or so may totally end up being worthwhile. At least from a comedian's perspective...

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