Robert Durst Practiced Killing By Slaughtering Seven Pet Dogs, Brother Claims

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On March 14, Robert Durst was arrested for his alleged involvement in the 2000 death of Susan Berman.

Durst was charged with first-degree murder and may face the death penalty if convicted. His arrest coincided with the conclusion of the HBO documentary series The Jinx, in which Durst seems to unwittingly confess to killing Berman and two others.

While his own incriminating ramblings might be the most damaging evidence against Durst, stories told by those who know him best portray a man more than capable of committing the atrocities of which he's been accused.

Robert Durst: The Jinx

In a recent interview with the New York Times, Durst's younger brother Douglas described Robert as a "true psychopath" and revealed a chilling theory regarding how the 71-year-old real estate scion became an expert on getting away with murder.

"Before the disappearance of my sister-in-law, Bob had a series of Alaskan Malamutes, which is like a husky," said Douglas. "He had seven of them, and they all died, mysteriously, of different things, within six months of his owning them. All of them named Igor.

"We don't know how they died and what happened to their bodies...In retrospect, I now believe he was practicing killing and disposing of his wife with those dogs."

Douglas Durst added that he often feared for his life while in Robert's presence. "There's no doubt in my mind that if he had the opportunity to kill me, he would," Douglas said. 

There is no word yet on whether Durst's siblings will be called to testify in his trial.

If Douglas takes the stand, his speculation about the fates of Robert's dogs may help the prosecution to prove that the murder of Susan Berman was not a crime of passion committed by a man suffering from mental illness, but rather the premeditated work of a calculating and cold-blooded killer.

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