Robert Durst Connected to Another Disappearance; Ex-Girlfriend Reveals Pattern of Bizarre Behavior

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It's been nearly two weeks since Robert Durst was arrested for the murder of Susan Berman, but new stories of his bizarre and - in some cases - highly suspicious behavior continue to emerge daily.

Last week, we learned that Durst may have practiced killing by slaughtering his own pet dogs. 

Shortly thereafter, the judge who presided over the real estate heir's 2003 murder trial revealed that she believes Durst left a cat's head on her doorstep after he'd been found not guilty. 

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Of course, these allegations are nothing compared to the atrocities that Durst is accused of committing against humans.

He's been a person of interest in no fewer than three murder investigations, and now police are investigating a possible link between Durst and a fourth disappearance - this one more than 40 years old.

In 1971, Durst and his then-girlfriend Kathleen McCormack (whom Durst was later suspected of murdering) owned a health food store in the town of Middlebury, Vermont.

That same year, an 18-year-old college freshman named Lynn Schulze disappeared. The case has never been solved, and state police say that in 2012, a tipster informed them that Durst may have been involved in the Schulze case.

Middlebury Police Chief Tom Hanley told reporters today that he is not yet ready to call Durst a suspect, but the 71-year-old possible triple-murderer is being investigated.

In other Durst news, a woman named Linda Walker Zevallos says that she dated Durst briefly in 2000, and things quickly turned sour.

Not surprisingly, she reports that the relationship didn't last long due to Durst's bizarre and often frightening behavior.

Zevallos says she began to grow concerned the first time she visited Durst's sparsely-furnished apartment and saw that he kept a large saw in the living room.

The final straw came when Durst drove Zevallos and her 13-year-old son, Matthew, to dinner one night.

"He said, 'Oh, I forgot. I've got two guns in the backseat. So Michael, don't touch the guns,'" Zevallos recalls. "I was absolutely shocked."

Durst is currently in prison in Louisiana, awaiting trial on the Berman murder and a variety of other charges.

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