Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio: Who's the Desperate, Clingy One in the Relationship?

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Neither party has come right out and confirmed it yet, but at this point, it's a well-known truth that Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio are hooking up.

The fact that neither of them has denied it speaks volumes, and eye witness accounts of Rihannardo canoodling at various public events are everywhere.

Is one of them already getting clingy, though? You'd be surprised ...

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The A-listers even spent Valentine's Day together, pouring on PDA at various Hollywood hot spots and quickly proving this rumored romance is an actual one.

But while Leo and Rih may seem like a match made in heaven, sources say one of them slams on the brakes whenever there's talk of things progressing.

Beyond the friends-with-benefits stage, that is.

Sources tell TMZ that Rihanna, who just celebrated her 27th birthday, seems to want more from the relationship, but the silver screen star just ain't havin' it.

One witness claims that at one recent party where the two were spotted, RiRi was seen following DiCap, 40, through the crowd like a hungry puppy.

"She's the baddest b--ch at the party but she's following him everywhere," reported one onlooker, and truly, that is a sight one never thought one would see.

Over the weekend, Leo and Rihanna were photographed together, but Leo is giving off the body language of a man who's been busted with his side chick. 

We can understand the famously private actor wanting to keep things on the down-low as he always does, but at this point, the cat is already out of the bag.

We're not sure why these two persist in being so secretive when the whole world already knows they're bangin' and have been for some time now.

Who's to say what goes on in the minds of Leo and RiRi. Maybe just doesn't want to be embarrassed the next time DiCaprio leaves a club with 20 women.

Yes, there are downsides to doing it with Leo.

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