Revenge Season 4 Episode 15 Recap: She Doesn't (Want To) Know Jack

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So… was the wait worthwhile?

After far too long off the air, Revenge Season 4 Episode 15 returned on Sunday with a family secret, a disturbing new alliance and a much anticipated declaration of love.

Ready to take "The Bait?" Let's dig right in...

First, at long last (seriously, very long last), Jack finally came out and told Emily how he feels about her. It’s always been you, he told his childhood crush, to which Emily... broke his heart.

“I can’t, Jack. I’m sorry," Emily replied to his admission.

While we’re sort of shocked Emily is in a place where she can be honest, and chooses instead to pretend she wants to be with Ben (yes, BEN!), at least Jack manned up and said he was not “going to wait around” for her.

And speaking of total failures:

Margaux suffered another setback in her poorly conceived plot to take down Emily, as Team Thorne - which now includes Louise, who "plays" dumb like a natural - was able to destroy the video of Jack admitting to Kate’s murder.

However, just when it appeared as if the media mogul (is that what Margaux does?) was finally ready to give up and give in, she set her sights on the other man in Emily’s life, tracking down Ben’s ex-wife.

Why might he be so dead set on hiding her?

Meanwhile, Conrad’s father, Edward, died. And we learned that he had married Natalie four months ago. She concealed her real identity upon meeting Victoria in order to get a read on her step-daughter.

Turns out, Natalie claimed to have served Edward’s caretaker prior to his death - but she had actually been stripped of her nursing license after a hospital caught her stealing money from her patients out of their money. 

So, as you'll see when you watch Revenge online, Victoria will be taking her to court to haggle over inheritance.

But while Victoria was working with Lyman to take down Natalie, this wicked step-mother had her own plan in motion: she had drinks with David Clarke; she gifted him with a boat; and she even flirted about baseball in order to seal the deal.

What might she want with him? How did you feel about Emily rejecting Jack? And what is the deal with Ben's ex-wife?

We'll be tuning in to Revenge Season 4 Episode 16 next Sunday night for the answers to all these questions and more!

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