North West DRAGGED Through Airport By Security Guard: Cute or Not Cool?

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It's no secret that North West lives a life of luxury.

Very few toddlers rock $50,000 diamond earrings and have their own personal stylists and dieticians.

North attends fashion shows most adults would kill to get into and she travels the world almost constantly.

Kim and Kanye have taken some flak for the fact that they sometimes seem to drag North all over creation like a living, breathing fashion accessory, so we imagine they'll be criticized for this footage of North being literally dragged through an airport:

The 19-month-old girl appears to be enjoying herself, but we're certain some will question the safety of her chosen form of transportation.

Are there are sure to be those who consider it demeaning for Nori to be dragged around by someone who appears to be a member of Kim and Kanye's security team.

Generally, if a child that young is too tired to walk, she should be carried, not wheeled around like a piece of carry-on luggage, but hey, as long as she's having fun, who are we to judge?

Besides, regardless of your feelings on North's drag race, surely we can all agree that it's not nearly as bad as the time Kim forgot North in a Paris hotel room

Maybe she learned her lesson and decided to put her head of security in charge of remembering her daughter.

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