Nathan Griffith: Suffering From Depression Before Arrest, Alleged Cheating on Jenelle Evans?

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Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has long struggled to turn her life around.

Jenelle's latest setback(s) came in the form of a series of strange events involving both Evans and her fiance and the father of her second child, Nathan Griffith.

Dude may be an even bigger mess than she is, amazingly. Let's recap:

Reports are conflicting as to exactly what happened between them, specifically regarding cheating allegations, but Nathan is getting real about his issues.

Accused of skipping couples therapy as well as being arrested in a domestic assault situation, he admits he has been in the throes of depression.

“I don’t get depressed that much anymore but when I do, it feels like I can’t pull myself out of the water,” Griffith unexpectedly tweeted to his followers.

"Because of the games we play, the anger we have, the jealousy and the insecurities within ourselves most people think love hurts when really that's not love."

"Love is the only thing that covers up all the pain!"

"The only thing that makes you feel invincible, to not have trust issues, to wake up and feel gorgeous, and the only thing to make you feel happy! #BeHappy"

Of course, Jenelle has been accused of being controlling, manipulative and rather insecure, so plenty of people would blame her, at least in part.

Not everyone, though. Plenty of people felt this was too little, too late, or just insincere. “You have nobody to blame but yourself,” one follower replied.

Another fan added, “I guess you should learn to think before you speak or react you created this mess now you have to deal with it I feel no pity.”

Still, one who looks at the glass as half full hopes he's doing what he can to make this work. But do you think Jenelle is helping, or making it worse?

Based on his recent behavior, we're not sure at all ...

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