Lisa Rinna on Kim Richards Drama: I'm Over It! (But I'm Still Talking About It!)

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If you feel like the drama involving Lisa Rinna and the Richards sisters has been going on forever, you're not alone.

Lisa Rinna feels that way too, but for some reason, she can't stop talking about it!

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It's been more than two weeks since the Lisa vs.Kim Richards brawl first aired (and it's been several months since it actually happened), but Lisa took to her Bravo blog yet again today to clear things for roughly the 4 billionth time.

You may recall that the situation heated up because of Kim spreading rumors that Harry Hamlin is cheating on Lisa.

Despite having already made her thoughts on that topic quite clear (via an airborne glass of wine) Lisa chose to write about it again today:

"Kim has still not apologized for her uncalled for behavior toward my husband," Lisa writes. "I do still have a lot to process and a lot has been left unresolved."

Despite her obvious ill will toward Kim, Lisa says she still wants to assist the other women in staging an intervention for her. She also feels however, that everyone should stop meddling in Kim and Kyle's lives.

Needless to say, Lisa is a bit...conflicted. Go to her Bravo blog to see if you can make more sense of it than we could. 

Kim wraps things up by promising that the "drama continues" on the upcoming reunion show that "you've heard so much about." Sounds like everyone should wear their finest wine-proof attire.

Watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills online in time to get caught up for the finale and the epic throwdown of a reunion show.

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