Kylie Jenner Wears See-Through Shirt in SUPER Revealing Selfie!

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If you follow Kylie Jenner's Instagram page, then you know the 17-year-old is not shy when it comes to posting revealing photos.

Kylie's semi-nude selfies have become the stuff of Internet legend, which just goes to show how pervy the Internet can be (as if there wasn't already plenty of evidence for that).

So maybe Kylie's fans are partially to blame for rewarding her with thousands of likes and creepy comments every time she posts an inappropriate pic.

Or maybe she just shouldn't post photos of herself wearing see-through shirts:

Kylie Jenner Mesh Shirt Selfie

Yes, Kylie's latest barley-legal selfie shows the reality star sporting a mesh shirt and making her cleavage the focal point.

It may not be as bad as the time Kylie rocked stripper gear in a pic that made us wonder where the hell this girl's parents are, but it's still too way too much for a high-school-age girl to be showing off online. 

At this point, we're actually wondering if Kylie is testing her boundaries to see how much she can get away with before somebody intervenes (her parents, Instagram admins, her 25-year-old boyfriend).

Sadly, it seems like in Kylie's case, either no one cares, or they're happy she's found a way to continue the family tradition of doing seriously questionable things for money and fame. 

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