Kylie Jenner Rocks Pot Leaf Necklace, Gets Philosophical on Instagram

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Pay attention, y'all, because Kylie Jenner is about twist up a fat blunt of truth and spark the six-foot bong of knowledge.

Usually, Kylie's Instagram page is a place of age-inappropriate semi-nude selfies and troubling hints that she's dating a 25-year-old rapper

Today, however, Kylie is taking a page from the book of Bob Marley and rolling a fattie with it:

Kylie Jenner Weed Leaf Selfie

Kylie posted the above photo with a caption reading, "When I feel most like me." 

No doubt, many were left wondering what she meant by that. Do Kylie's giant lips and blue hair make her feel more like herself? 

We figured there was more to it than that, so we stared at this photo like it was #TheDress or one of those Magic Eye things from the '90s until we finally realized that's a pot leaf charm on Kylie's choker.

So as far as we can figure, Kylie is saying she feels most at ease when she's stoned.

Most 17-year-olds would probably get in trouble for saying something like that in a public forum, but in Kylie's case, her parents probably celebrated the fact that she's wearing clothes by buying her a new Range Rover.

Let that be a lesson, kids: If you set the bar extremely low from a young age, you'll be able to get away with pretty much anything. #TheMoreYouKnow

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