Kylie Jenner Posts "Skinnier" Instagram Pic: Should She Be More Body-Positive?

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If you've ever been to Kylie Jenner's Instagram page, you know the girl is in good shape.

If her selfies were any more revealing, they'd be X-rays, and she's clearly proud of what she has going on.

So it was a bit of a surprise when Kylie posted a throwback photo of herself with a caption that seems to suggest she'd like to lose some weight.

Kylie Jenner Weight Gain Photo

"Throwback to when I was 15 pounds skinnier & had a little blonde goin on," Kylie wrote along with the above pic.

The photo is from April of last year. It was a more innocent time, when Kylie wasn't dating Tyga yet (we hope), and you could click on her Instagram page without fear of a To Catch a Predator SWAT team kicking in your door.

Yes, Kylie seems far more confident these days, so why is she throwing it back to a skinnier time? (It wasn't even Throwback Thursday when she posted this! Learn to 'Gram, girl!)

Well, it could be that Kylie is proud of her weight gain. The whole world has noticed that Kylie is transforming into Kim Kardashian, and the 17-year-old seems to be thrilled with the metamorphosis.

Maybe this is her way of celebrating how far she's come in morphing into her sex tape half-sis.

Sadly, the pic was taken at too great a distance for us to see if Kylie's lips are more filled-out these days, as well. We're guessing that's where about half of the 15 pounds comes from. 

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