Kylie Jenner and Tyga: Going Public as a Couple on Her 18th Birthday?

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The clock is ticking until Kylie Jenner turns 18, both for hornballs looking to surf the web and drool with a little less guilt and for the reality star herself.

That day, August 10 of this year, is when she'll be legal, and thus, finally be able to step out with rapper Tyga as her boyfriend, according to reports.

Kylie, who is even said to be discussing marriage with Tyga, is already planning how she wants to take their romance public once she hits the big 1-8.

Jenner’s planning to have “a big party to celebrate” her huge milestone, one insider says, and her long-rumored beau is a major motivating factor.

“It will be part birthday celebration and part coming out party for her and Tyga," says the Kyga sleuth. "It will definitely be filmed for the reality show.”

Obvi. Everything in Kylie's life has been filmed. These days, she's just more aware of it and its impact on her life, and how to best capitalize on it.

Reality TV has made her one of the hottest stars on social media, all before Jenner even turns 18. But the price of fame has its downside as well.

She's under intense scrutiny from fans and critics alike, and reports of Kylie flirting with Tyga since age 14 (etc.) aren't likely to cease anytime soon.

The controversial duo met at Kendall Jenner‘s Sweet 16 birthday party in 2011, and Kylie reportedly thinks it's meant to be with Tyga, now 25.

Kanye West reportedly agrees, saying Kylie Jenner and Tyga are in love, although Tyga himself has sought to downplay reports that they're dating.

Not surprising, as it would be sort of illegal. At least for another five months (not even!). Whatever their relationship status, the two are clearly very close.

Kendall Jenner shared a cute Instagram photo of her siblings and Tyga while away at Paris fashion week recently, captioning it “missing the fam.”

Maybe he'll propose August 10 and officially become fam. At least if you're the type of person who loves good celebrity gossip, you gotta hope for that.

And in the meantime, for more eye-popping photos like these ...

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