Kevin Federline: Britney Spears and I Rule at Co-Parenting!

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We still can't believe Britney Spears and Kevin Federline were ever a thing, but were they ever. After a whirlwind courtship, the two wed in 2004.

Two years and two sons later, it was over, and her epic downward spiral began.

She's since come back from the brink, and K-Fed has only good things to say about his former wife, both now and looking back at the old daze.

Britney Federline

The 36-year-old visited Access Hollywood Live this week, where he opened up about raising his sons, Sean, 9, and Jayden, 8, with the pop star.

"Co-parenting is going great, I can't complain," Kevin said, adding that he and Britney have been able to set up a good system for their two children.

"The schedule has been worked out. We talk when we need to. It's always about the boys, mostly school stuff and making sure we stay on top of that."

"I had to work this weekend and go to Orange County, so they went to Vegas," he said, to be with Britney during her Planet Hollywood residency.

"And when she has to do something and I need to keep the kids, it just works out well. You have to put your kids first no matter what, that's how I feel."

"It's going great," he continued. "I'm in a happy place right now."

K-Fed also has a daughter and son with Shar Jackson (pre-Britney) and two young daughters with new wife Victoria Prince. The man is fertile.

The rapper/DJ says his relationship with Britney was amazing during the good times, but it all happened so fast and clearly, was not meant to last.

"It's like a whirlwind. You're thrown into this limelight and everything kind of happened," he said "It was a good time in my life. We have two beautiful children."

"The way that everything has turned out, everyone is happy."

Britney is now dating Charlie Ebersol, and seems pretty happy herself, following a string of wild relationships before and after the FedEx man ...

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