Kate Middleton Baby Name Predictions: All Bets Are Off (or On One in Particular)!

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Recently, we learned that Kate Middleton's due date is sometime in mid-April, meaning the parlor game of guessing the name of royal baby #2 is in full swing.

What's the prohibitive favorite, according to one of Britain's top betting markets (yes, you can put actual money on this, and other hilarious outcomes)?

Kate Middleton Glows

Much like two years ago with Prince George, Prince William and Kate Middleton have given no indication as to whether she's having a boy or girl.

In fact, the couple reportedly didn't find out the gender of their offspring the first time or this time. That's one way to keep the secret from getting out.

The world is speculating wildly that she's having a little sister for Prince George, however, and one name is seen (by the public) as their best option.

Betfair announced this week that Alice leads the pack in terms of bets on Kate and William's baby, with Elizabeth currently occupying the #2 spot.

The company said that this sweet choice is favored by many, as they've had an "unexpected rush of support for Alice over the last 24 hours."

Again, no one even knows if the baby is female yet.

George and Alice, though? We can certainly see it, traditional but fresh. It's also in William's lineage, as Queen Elizabeth's aunt was Princess Alice.

If it's a boy, the odds-on favorites are Richard, James, or Arthur. George was one of the heavy favorites the first time around, for what that's worth.

This is all pointless but fun speculation, of course. No one knows what they're going to do, as the regal couple keeps these things very, very private.

We would bet the farm on William and Kate not picking a name from the below gallery, though. Somehow we don't see these making the short list ...

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