Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown: Will They Get Back Together?

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Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown are understandably on the outs after he was revealed to be a father. But with these two, you wonder if ANY breakup will take.

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The news that Chris Brown fathered a baby with Nia Amey caught his longtime girlfriend off guard as much as anyone, which had to be really awkward.

Yes, even though the baby is nine months old, meaning the pregnancy occurred 8-9 months before that, Karrueche Tran was blindsided by the bombshell.

Still, Chris thinks he has “a chance of getting her back” and even has a specific plan on how to win Tran over once and for all, according to Hollywood Life.

Granted, news "according to Hollywood Life" is about as reliable as Kylie Jenner wearing clothes these days, but given Chris and Kae's storied history?

We would not be surprised if he thinks he can get through this, or if she actually somehow came around despite Breezy knocking up model Nia Amey.

“Chris thinks that if he can just get her in person, he has a chance of getting her back,” an insider tells the website, although so far, that has yet to occur.

“Chris is really upset over the whole situation and understands her being upset, but he wants the chance to talk to her and explain,” the sleuth reveals.

“He thinks he deserves that after all they have been through.”

Chris and Karrueche have had a turbulent relationship, to say the absolute least, but this presents the most significant obstacle the two have faced.

It's not clear if Brown cheated on Tran or if the Nia fling occurred during one of their many breaks, but even if it's the latter, she is not taking it well at all.

Karrueche wanted to marry Chris and have a baby with him someday, so it's easy to see why she cut ties and hasn't spoken to him since the reveal.

Devastated by the breakup, but undeterred, Chris is calling her non-stop to explain everything, and believes if she will hear him out, all will be alright.

He might not want to hold his breath, although who knows.

Guy has a lot on his plate these days, with this and his mountain of ongoing legal problems. Chris is also furious with Nia for leaking the baby news.

Moreover, he is reportedly taking her to court over the amount of child support he owes, and is desperate to keep his daughter Royalty out of the media.

Yes ... Chris' baby's name is Royalty. Worse than North?

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