Jessa Duggar on Marriage: We Are Way Past Side Hugs!

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Jessa Duggar of 19 Kids and Counting married Ben Seewald four months ago now, and suffice it to say, the days of touching-free dates and chaperones are over.

“I think we’re past side hugs,” she said in a recent interview.

Unlike her pregnant sister, Jill Duggar, Jessa isn't expecting a new addition to the family just yet. But she is clearly smitten with her spouse, and her life.

“We’re looking forward to starting a family,” the 22-year-old told Michelle Lewis and Ron Olson on FM 100 in Memphis multiple times in her interview.

“We’re definitely in love and well on our way in this newlywed life,” Jessa said, after repeated denials that she's pregnant. “And we are just loving it.”

Asked what her biggest takeaway from marriage so far is, she said:

“The man I knew and fell in love with these past couple of years, he’s that good and even better. I’m wowed and just awed with how great of a man I’ve been blessed with.”


It wasn't long ago that these two were courting and accompanied by siblings or parents at all times, as dating solo is not allowed in the Duggar family.

Seems like they're doing quite well on their own.

Jessa talked about how her adoption plans with Ben Seewald are on hold due to Arkansas state laws requiring couples to be married for two years prior.

Nevertheless, the reality star says they remain steadfast in their desire to do this, and to have biological children as well if that is God's plan for them.

“We’re looking forward to kids and adoption is something we've been praying about. You have to be married for two years before we can adopt in our state."

"We want to adopt and if God wills it, we will have kids naturally too,” she said, while also weighing in briefly on a number of other Duggar topics:

  • That video of Derick Dillard sledding over a cat isn't as bad as it looks ... he wasn't trying to hurt it, and the cat lives nearby and is fine.
  • People who watch 19 Kids and Counting online, or perhaps don't even do that, often try to make assumptions about her that aren't true.
  • Asked who is the most difficult of the 19 kids to get along with, Jessa candidly admitted it's probably herself and her strong personality.

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