Jerod Brown: Pat Houston Tried to Drown Bobbi Kristina!!

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Bobbi Kristina Brown’s cousin, Jerod Brown, took to Facebook this week with an explosive new theory, and allegation, regarding the ailing star's condition.

Jerod insinuated that Bobbi's aunt, Pat Houston, is responsible for her comatose state ... and that Bobbi’s mother, Whitney Houston, was murdered.

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“Auntie Whitney was murdered not drowned. That's a fact. Now the whole bathroom plot shows up again w/ Bobbi Kristina's situation," Jerod writes.

"C'mon are you people that bold to perform this act again on my family."

"And the public believes whatever these people put in their faces," he writes, before pointing fingers. "I mean it is convincing if you're not on the inside."

"However, I will let it be known Kristina has always had suspicion about Pat Houston. Soon evidence will be handed over to assist this investigation."

Lawyers for Bobby Brown, the venerable R&B figure and father of Bobbi Kristina, warned in a statement that Jerod’s comments “must be disregarded.”

"Jerod Brown aka Jerod Carter aka YF Kennedy, continues to makes statements and appear on [TV]," and has tried to organized unsanctioned vigils.

"However, he has not had any communication with Bobby Brown or the Houston family," the statement from his attorneys read. "He must be disregarded."

"Please do not attend any 'meet and greet' organized by Jerod Brown as he is unable to provide access to Bobbi Kristina or information on her condition."

"This is a criminal investigation and we do not need this side show."

Bobbi Kristina, who just turned 22, has been in a medically induced coma since January 31, nearly three years after her mom died in eerily similar fashion.

Police are still looking into how she ended up face down in her home's bathtub, but this is the first time we've heard Pat Houston's name mentioned.

Currently under investigation is Nick Gordon, Bobbi Kristina's longtime boyfriend, who has checked into rehab following an intervention with Dr. Phil.

Seriously. He was literally falling down drunk on Dr. Phil's show.

He's not doing himself any favors with his ridiculous, even shady conduct, but Nick has not been charged with a crime, despite what some believe.

Bobbi’s other aunt, Leolah Brown accuses him of attempted murder, saying that he is "under investigation for the attempted murder of my niece."

"We have strong evidence of foul play,” Leolah added.

Prior to entering rehab, Gordon said via his attorneys that he “remains in constant prayer for his companion and he hopes to be reunited with her soon.”

In any event, this bizarre, dysfunctional family saga only illustrates the intense distrust among the Houston and Brown contingents, which has raged for years.

Don't expect it to subside anytime soon, either.

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