Jenelle Evans 911 Call: Send the Police, There's Domestic Abuse Happening!

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Jenelle Evans and an MTV staff member made calls to 911 that led to Nathan Griffith's arrest March 4, and as you'd expect, they did not paint a pretty picture.

Griffith, Evans' fiance, was taken into custody following the calls, which were placed after the two began fighting during filming of scenes for Teen Mom 2.

Nathan reportedly locked the MTV crew outside and yanked Jenelle Evans' engagement ring off of her finger, cutting the reality star in the process.

Evans does not mention the ring incident during the call, however.

She tells 911 operator that the father of her son Kaiser has taken her car keys and refuses to give them back, prohibiting her from going to school.

“My ex fiancé he’s sitting here, he took the car keys from me denying me to go to school tomorrow,” Evans said. “Both of our names are on the car."

"He doesn’t even have his license and I can’t take my son to school.”

“They have an officer coming to you because somebody has already called,” the dispatcher said, and sure enough, an MTV staff member already called 911.

“Send the police, there’s a domestic abuse happening,” they said, apparently during the couple's melee, as screams could be heard in the background.

“We are filming with talent and the couple is fighting,” the caller said. “Please send the police right away. The fiancé is physically abusing his girlfriend.

“We were locked out of the house and we heard her screaming ‘Get off of me, get off of me,'” the unnamed production crew member told the operator.

“Ok baby I’ve got somebody on the way,” the dispatcher said.

Nathan Griffith was arrested by the Horry County Sheriffs Dept. and released the following day. A judge ordered him to have no contact with Evans.

The couple broke off their engagement shortly thereafter, which would seem to go without saying, but are also rumored to be getting back together.

Yes, already. They just can't seem to quit one another.

We'd say that we hope they can work it out for the sake of their baby son, but given the events of the past few months we're not even sure that's best.

As for talk that the arrest was staged for Teen Mom 2, they're either much better actors than people think, or these 911 calls put those rumors to rest.

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