Jana Duggar: Quitting 19 Kids and Counting? Finally Breaking Free From Famous Family?!

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Is 19 Kids and Counting star Jana Duggar finally on the verge of breaking free from her famous family, and quitting the popular reality show as a result?

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The eldest Duggar daughter - the 25-year-old and John David Duggar are twins, and older than married siblings Jill and Jessa Duggar - is often maligned.

Fans who watch 19 Kids and Counting online know this all too well.

While her sisters pursue courtship and adult lives of their own, Jana is essentially forced to stay home and take care of small army of younger siblings.

Basically, Jana is put upon by family members 24/7, whether it's tending to the little ones or acting as Jill and Jessa's de facto wedding planning aide.

It's a thankless role, and one that requires the patience of a saint.

Even that has limitations, it turns out, and Jana Duggar reportedly hit her breaking point when it comes to acting as an unpaid, unappreciated babysitter.

She's reportedly ready to strike out on her own and pursue her own dreams - ones that reportedly do not involve dating Zach Bates or Tim Tebow.

Or anyone else for that matter. Jana's main focus is education.

Having just turned 25 years old, Jana feels the time is right.

According to a source close to the famous TLC family, “She told her parents that she was looking at Christian colleges and would be applying soon.”

“Jana knows she needs to get on with her education if she doesn’t want to be stuck at her mom and dad’s house in Arkansas for the rest of her life."

This will be music to the ears of many fans. But not her dad.

The bold announcement, apparently, did not sit well with Jim Bob, the Duggar patriarch and obvious family shot-caller, who tried to talk her out of it.

However, with Jill and sister-in-law Anna Duggar due to give birth soon, Jana knows the time is now to put herself first and take this big life change.

Otherwise, she's going to be changing a lot of diapers behind closed doors in 2015 as her siblings gush to TV cameras about how amazing parenting is.

Better get a move on, J. Time is of the essence.

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