Iggy Azalea on Eminem: He's White, Too! How Come No One Hates Him?!

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Iggy Azalea is in rare form this week. The girl is talking smack in every available medium, and she shows no signs of letting up.

"But didn't Iggy quit Twitter?" you might find yourself asking.

To that we say, 1. Yes she did, but she's got boyfriend Nick Young fighting her battles for her on the Tweet Machine, and 2. You might be spending too much thinking about the social media habits of overrated Aussie rappers.

Anyway, while Nick fires off disses at Iggy's haters with a success rate sadder than his field goal percentage, she's taking on her critics with an endless parade of interviews.

Yes, Iggy has a new single out. And yes, it's officially reached the point where watching her put her foot in her mouth while promoting it is far more entertaining than the song:

Asked about how it felt to lose a Grammy (this would be the part where most artists graciously claim it was an honor just to be nominated and move on) Iggy went all sore loser and claimed she didn't want the damn thing because a win would've given fresh ammo to her haters:

"Because I'm white, therefore I'm appropriating culture," said Iggy. "But then Eminem won it - who's white and won it many times - and they didn't seem to say anything about it."

Yes, Iggy thinks that Eminem hasn't faced any criticism. Is she talking about the candy, maybe?

I-G-G-Y went on to claim that the now-famous racist Iggy Azalea tweets were photoshopped. Mind you, some of these tweets are several years old, and she's made no effort to uncover the source. She's like OJ and the "real killers." (Great band name, BTW.)

"Having to deal with people photoshopping things that I say and, then people thinking they're true," Iggy complained. "Don't day that I'm a racist. If I did have a penis, I'd stick it at the back of your throat."

So there you have it, Iggy Azalea: Not racist, doesn't have a penis. You'd know if she had one, because it would be in your throat.

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