Iggy Azalea: ESPN Anchor Bashes Rapper, Gets Threatened by Nick Young

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Last week, Iggy Azalea released a new song, thus reminding the world that she actually makes music sometimes.

This week, she's right back to the idiotic Twitter wars.

No, Iggy isn't feuding with Azalea Banks again. (Though we're sure round 2 of that beef that will come soon.) Instead, she's lashing out at much more unexpected critic:

That's ESPN's Robert Flores reporting on a story about Iggy's boyfriend Nick Young.

Apparently, Young almost got killed by a dolphin (?!) so Flores compared the situation to the way Iggy is killing hip hop. 

As you may recall, Iggy quit Twitter last week, so she's got Young fighting this battle for her.

"I'm pretty sure we going to run into each other soon," Young ominously tweeted to Flores.

"Your job is to talk about sports not what me and my chick got going on," he continued. "The fact that you thought that was cool to say don't sit right with me so we got a problem."

Yes, Iggy is so overly sensitive to insults these days that a joke on SportsCenter is cause for an all-out war.

Of course, it's no surprise that Nick is skilled at protecting the fragile egos of underperforming prima donnas. He does play on a team with Kobe Bryant, after all.

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