Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 15 Recap: EARTHQUAKE ALERT!

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Meredith went streaking on Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 15.

No, she didn't pull a Will Ferrell in Old School, but our favorite surgeon found her amazing track record of perfect surgeries in danger due to the force of Mother Nature.

She had no botched a procedure since November 14 (yes, the day Derek left), completing 89 in a row successfully, including 22 traumas.

And when Meredith resuscitated a crashing teen, she wanted to celebrate because her kids were doing well and her career was taking off. But she really wanted to call Derek.

So she did. And a woman answered. A woman who would not identity herself. YOU BETTER NOT BE CHEATING, DEREK!

Elsewhere, Owen answered a desperate phone call soon after the earthquake hit. It was from an 11-year old named Ruby whose mother was badly injured.

With the help of Richard, he and Amelia were able to talk the little girl through surgery (?!?!?!?), saving her mom from suffocating.

Later on, the parent and her child arrived at Grey Sloan by chopper to thank Owen. Afterward Amelia and Owen celebrated by getting it on in an on-call room. (OOOOH, YEAH!!!!)

Maggie, meanwhile, got trapped in an elevator with radiologist named Ethan. She then teamed with Callie to treat an old dude who got hurt having sex and Callie talked some sense into her friend. Of course she should go out with Ethan!

So she found him in that same elevator and accepted his invitation toward the end of the hour.

Elsewhere, as you'll see when you watch Grey's Anatomy online, the following took place:

  • Ben opened up, in a broad manner, about his transitioning sister and apologized to Bailey for having been such an idiot about it all.
  • A note from Dr. Herman revealed that she was busy at the blind institute “learning how to not bump into things.”

Where will this all go on Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 16? We'll be tuning in next Thursday to find out.

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