Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 14 Recap: How to Save a Life

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Amelia Shepherd tried her best go to "The Distance" on Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 14.

She operated on Dr. Herman's tumor. Again and again and again and again.

We opened the hour with Amelia crying out some anxiety in the bathroom before her voiceover told us how a surgeon must “always be prepared to lose, but never fail."

She steeled herself for the long procedure to come, taking on a superhero persona with Stephanie prior to cutting Herman open.

With her colleagues watching from the gallery, Amelia quickly realized just how daunting this would be. In time, she literally froze, getting trapped inside Herman’s head, unable to move without snipping out a vital part of her brain

(Editor's Note: We could never be brain surgeons.)

Panicked, Amelia pleased with Richard to get Richard on a plane. STAT. But Richard remain calm, kept Amelia calm and helped her clear the optic nerve.

After Stephanie collapsed from exhaustion (around the 13-hour mark), Meredith scrubbed in and Amelia learned just how tough it was to work while wearing thick gloves to protect her from radiation.

So, to Owen’s horror as you'll see when you watch Grey's Anatomy online, she took the gloves off, making the procedure easier... but also risking disease and cutting her exposure time in half.

But she forged on and succeeded! When Stephanie woke up, Amelia let her close up the patient’s head and then sank into an emotional heap on the hallway floor.

Elsewhere, Miranda was concerned over Arizona taking over the complicated case of Glenda. But Robbins stood up to Bailey, delivering the baby and saving the mother’s life.

Afterward, Arizona broke down when Callie came in with an update on her mentor.

Finally, with Arizona by her side, Herman awoke. She seemed like herself… except she was completely blind. Still, she made a point of telling Arizona that she was alive solely due to her persistence. She had picked the right horse and she knew it.

Where will all this go next week on Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 15? We'll be tuning in to find out!

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