Frozen 2: Officially Happening!

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Given the insane popularity of the first film featuring Elsa, Anna and Olaf, it may have seemed like a foregone conclusion that a sequel to 2013's Frozen would eventually hit theaters.

But sixteen months after the release of the most successful animated movie of all time, Disney's only response to the success of the first flick was a short entitled Frozen Fever and roughly 42 million tie-in products targeted at young girls.

But if you were worried that your kids would go another year without an insidious ear worm tune to sing over over again on long car rides, fear not! Disney announced today that Frozen 2 is officially in the works!

Frozen Photo

CEO Bob Iger made the big reveal during a shareholder meeting this afternoon. 

To give you an idea of just how pumped fans are, Iger also announced the title and star of Star Wars Episode 8, but it's Queen Elsa and company that the Internet can't stop buzzing about.

Currently, Frozen 2 is mentioned in about twice as many tweets as Rogue One, which is impressive considering Star Wars fans have been known to occasionally express their opinions online.

Among the giddy F2 tweeters is Kristen Bell who will reprise her role as Anna.

Kristen Bell Celebrates Frozen 2

Bell posted the above pic along with a caption reading, "Dreams really do come 2!!! #Frozen2 #itsofficial"

When Kristen Bell is sleeping on a bag of ice, you know its legit!

Little has been revealed about the plot or (perhaps more importantly) the musical numbers that will be featured in the sequel, but if you're feeling a bit bummed about the prospect of another show-stopping kids' tune dominating the charts, take heart...

Frozen 2 gives us an excuse to post more pics of Elsa look-alike Anna Faith Carlson. Everybody wins!

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