Farrah Abraham: Did Her Lips Get Botched Again!?

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Farrah Abraham loves getting unnecessary plastic surgery almost as much as kinky bedroom antics and pathologically lying about everything under the sun.

We're focused on the first of those three pastimes here today, specifically her lips, which are looking like they've been artificially enhanced once more.

Not in a good way, either.

Farrah Abraham's Lips Be Wack

The main takeaway from the debacle that was these Farrah Abraham lip injections, other than that we can never unsee those pics, it's that she's open about it.

When it comes to her cosmetic procedures, Farrah is uncharacteristically up front, even when the result is her looking horrific. It's almost admirable.

Her motivations are always questionable, but if she wants to show off images gigantic, cartoonishly inflated lips from various angles to stay relevant?

Who are we to complain. If one person sees them and thinks twice about getting lip injections as a result - which we're sure happened - it's net positive.

Fast forward to this week, though, and the above photo which she shared on Instagram. Look at those things resting seductively on the Bravo cupcake.

Gross. We'd rather look at this than a Farrah Abraham vagina mold, but still, pretty gnarly. That line at the top of her upper lip just looks wrong to us.

Certainly not natural. Maybe new boyfriend Simon Saran is into DSL, and we're not talking about the high speed broadband service from the mid-2000s.

We got nothing, but we can certainly add this gem to our ever-growing gallery of Farrah's most cringe-worthy pics, which you really should take a look at.

Granted, you can never go back and unsee some of these, but it's almost too amazing not to flip through. How is this the same girl from Teen Mom?!

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