Farrah Abraham Attacks Catelynn Lowell & Amber Portwood on Twitter AGAIN!

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Farrah Abraham isn't exactly known for her intellect and social graces, but even by Farrah standards, her recent Twitter activity has been bafflingly awkward and mean-spirited.

Farrah did not appear on Monday's season premiere of Teen Mom: OG, probably because she signed on late and producers didn't have enough footage to feature her in every episode.

Naturally, fans noticed the absence and tweeted about, and for some reason, Farrah retweeted the ones who offered up harsh complaints about the rest of the cast.

Farrah A.
Cate Lowell and Tyler Baltierra

"Technically Catelyn Lowell shouldn't have been on the show because she gave up her kid," read one tweet.

"Teen Mom was such a snooze fest! Now I know why asked Farrah to come back!" said another.

Now, you may remember that Farrah feuded with Catelynn last summer and they eventually patched things up. Why would Farrah want to burn that bridge again after she went to such great efforts to patch things up?

It's a good question, but the problem is that your thinking logically, and logic has no place in the Farrah Brain.

Catelynn's fiance Tyler Baltierra shot back at Farrah with a spot-on diss, reading:

"Hiding behind retweets does nothing but make me laugh even harder at the delusional state of your mind."

Natrually, Farrah never responded to that, but she did retweet a downright cruel shot at her co-star Amber Portwood:

"Why does Maci Bookout complain about Farrah being on the show but [she's] okay with a drug addict and felon being on the show?"

Yes, it's an obvious reference to Amber's problems with drugs and the law that she's struggled mightily to overcome. That's Farrah for you - always keeping it classy. Fortunately, Amber did not deign to respond.

Watch Teen Mom online at TV Fanatic to see more of Farrah's being pointlessly mean.

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