Farrah Abaham Talks Fifty Shades of Grey, Bashes Other Teen Moms

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The best thing about Teen Mom OG premiering on MTV this month is that Farrah Abraham is promoting her return to television by coughing up Palin-esque word salads during hilariously WTF?! interviews.

Farrah's spewed her latest gobbledygook to Cosmo, in a "conversation" that touched on everything from Fifty Shades of Grey to the fact that the other Teen Moms clearly hate her.

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"I was never friends with them," Farrah says when asked about her co-stars. "I don't work with them; they're just appearing on a show like any other show with many other talent where not all is equal."

Okay, it can be difficult to translate Farrah-speak into English, but we're pretty sure she just said the other girls aren't equal to her, which might be true, but not in the way that she means.

Moving on, Farrah talked about her erotic novel (because of course she did) and how it compares to Fifty Shades of Grey:

"I started to read it and I personally feel like it's boring," says Farrah on the topic of Fifty Shades.

"So people read what I do and they feel like I turn up the craziness...It's more intense than Fifty Shades of Grey. And there's not so much abuse or anything like that. I try to keep it more awesome and fun."

Yeah! Awesome and fun...just like Farrah! Although if she writes anything like how she talks, we're pretty sure the book itself can be considered abuse.

Watch Teen Mom online for more quotable Farrah-isms.

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