Adam Lind: ARRESTED For Failure to Pay Child Support!

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Troubled Teen Mom 2 "star" and professional baby daddy Adam Lind was reportedly arrested this week after missing several child support payments.

A spokesperson for the Lincoln County Sheriff's Department in South Dakota says Lind was released from custody after forking over $874 to Taylor Halbur.

That would be the mother of his second child, Paislee.

Taylor Halbur, Adam Lind

Halbur took Lind to court last year for falling several months behind on his payments, and we'd be hopeful that a few hours behind bars might have helped teach him a lesson.

Doubtful. After all, Lind was jailed for his third DUI shortly before Halbur gave birth, and he crashed a car while driving recklessly just a few months later.

Of course, Adam isn't famous for his idiotic behavior or his relationship to Halbur.

No, you probably know him best for knocking up Teen Mom 2 cast member Chelsea Houska and proceeding to do his best to ruin her life year after year.

Fortunately, these days, Houska and Halbur have joined forces, and they seem intent on ensuring that Lind winds up behind bars and away from their kids. 

That shouldn't be too difficult. At 23, Lind has rap sheet longer than most aging Mafia hitmen, and we doubt he can afford the same kind of legal representation.

Watch Teen Mom online to relive some of Adam's trashiest moments.

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