29 Celebrity Photobombs: When Stars Attack... Other Stars!

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The red carpet can be a dangerous place.

You're trying to pose for a picture with your loved ones and your bandmates when... whoa! Look out! There's a leaping Benedict Cumberbatch flying into the frame!

Or perhaps you're giving a pre-awards show interview to Ryan Seacrest when... hey! Is that Jennifer Lawrence getting prepared to pounce?!?

Indeed, dogs aren't the only ones who know how to photobomb. Nor do celebrities only photobomb strangers. (Yes, ma'am, that's Kevin Spacey in your picture.)

Sometimes - heck, often times! - stars attack their own kind.

Which Oscar-winning actor might some consider the photobomb master? Which former President of the United States is not immune to a classic photobombing?

Above, we're giving readers a chance to click through 29 examples of celebrities taking other celebrities by surprise. Much to our delight!

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