19 Kids and Counting Season 15 Episode 9 Recap: Jessa Duggar Tribute Edition!

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19 Kids and Counting Season 15 Episode 9 served as a touching tribute to Jessa Duggar on the eve of her wedding to Ben Seewald last November.

Everybody loves her, and this episode was, as the title implied, "All About Jessa" as family honored and reflected on her best, brightest moments.

Somewhere, Jana Duggar is dying just a little inside.

The setting for paying homage to Jessa on 19 Kids and Counting Season 15 Episode 9 was a joint bachelor and bachelorette party football game.

No beers or bikinis, but it still looked like hella fun.

This game was the conduit for Duggar family members to gush about their beloved sister as she geared up to start her own family in the near future.

Is Jessa Duggar pregnant already? That's the rumor going around now, and given that this was filmed 5-6 months ago, we wouldn't put it past her.

Either way, here's what we learned Tuesday night ...

She's a great, motivated teacher who took on the responsibility of home schooling some of her younger siblings from a very young age in Arkansas.

"We respected Jessa as a teacher. She pretty much knew what she was talking about all the time," said Jedidiah, 16, of his big sister and her knowledge.

She's lays down the law when it comes to chores, responsibilities and life to the point where the Duggar household motto was "don't mess with Jess."

"I don't have a problem being the bad guy," Jessa admits.

"With a family our size if you let things go and just let clutter build up the house gets messier and messier," Jim Bob said, while Jessa won't stand for it.

"I like having a schedule and a plan," she adds.

She's Jim Bob and Michelle's favorite, at least for this week, as mom and dad looked back on some great times they shared with Jessa over the years.

She might be missed the most when she moves out by Jinger Duggar, the sibling closest to her in age. "Jess and I are definitely besties," Jinger says.

Jana and Jessa? Maybe not quite as much.

She's adventurous and not afraid to speak her mind, or do things that might scare some people, like jump out of a plane or go camping in a strange place.

She's a great catch, and her man knows it. "The real prize is marrying Jessa," Duggar's Ben Seewald said when he lost the family football game.

With a comment like that, sounds like he's a pretty good catch too. Whatever you think of the Duggars, they are all about family and Ben's a welcome addition.

Follow the link to watch 19 Kids and Counting online to catch this sweet installment in full, then relive some of Jessa and Ben's best moments below ...

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