17 Stars Who Have Checked in to Rehab

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The last few weeks have proven an important point about addiction: It can happen to anyone.

A Broadway legend (Liza Minnelli) has admitted she needed professional help. Then, a notorious reality star (Scott Disick) made a fool out of himself one too many times.

Now comes to the surprising news that Jon Hamm recently completed a 30-day rehab stint for alcohol-related issues.

Indeed, being a widely respected, talented and recognized celebrity does not preclude one from giving in to one's personal demons.

Sometimes, in fact, a star's status and lifestyle can actually exacerbate the dangerous habit of substance abuse.

Fortunately, the actors, actresses and singers featured above have all admitted they have a problem. At various points in the past, they've checked themselves into a rehab facility.

Some have gone more than once and some may need to go back again.

But all have at least admitted that the problem exists, which is a vital first step. Join us in wishing each celebrity well. (Yes, even Lindsay Lohan.)

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