17 Really Stupid Things Stars Have Said on Twitter

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Earlier this week, Lindsay Lohan made her latest mistake in life, dropping the N-Word while boasting about a Kanye West concert on Twitter.

The actress quickly deleted her faux pas... and then proceeded to crack Instagram up with this Photoshop fail.

But the initial point is this: Lohan may have done some bat$hit crazy things throughout the past decade or so, but writing something dumb on Twitter is pretty far down on that list.

Because she is far from alone in this misguided endeavor.

Remember when Alec Baldwin went on a homophobic tirade? When Anthony Weiner had a virtual affair?

When Jason Biggs mocked those who died on that Malaysian Airline flight? Or when Amanda Bynes somehow thought Drake was ugly?!?

Indeed, social media can be a blessing or a curse for celebrities.

Click through the above examples to remember times they simply wrote some really stupid stuff on there.

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