13 Celebrity Superstitions for Friday the 13th

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Happy Friday the 13th, THG readers!

On the most superstitious of all superstitious days, we're here to make you feel better about the fact that you may avoid walking underneath some ladders today.

And that you may stay as far away as possible from black cats while knocking on every piece of wood you see and saying a prayer when the click turns a certain hour.

Because you're not alone!

Even the most famous, the most wealthy, the most seemingly well off people out there can relate.

What do some celebrities do before boarding an airplane? What advice from his mother does one star athlete take in order to increase his chances of winning?

And how does Megan Fox think Britney Spears may save her life?

Click through the above photo gallery to learn about the superstitions of 13 big-name stars and be sure to pay Friday the 13th the respect it deserves.

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