13 Bat $hit Craziest Bachelor Contestants of All-Time

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It sounds like a sweet gig, doesn't it? Starring on The Bachelor?

You become famous. You get to hang out with many beautiful and desperate women. You possibly meet the love of your life. You chill with Chris Harrison!

Before you send in your application to ABC, however, it may be worth taking a look through the following photo gallery.

Because (THE BACHELOR SPOILERS ALERT!!!) not every suitor who appears on this program is playing with a full deck of cards. They aren't all Molly Mesnick.

Some have a few screws loose. Some may be a few tools short of a toolbox.

What we're saying is this: these women are totally and completely bat $hit insane!!!

Remember the contestant who wore vampire fangs the first night she met The Bachelor? Or the contestant who, just last season, exploited the death of her husband?

Or the contestant who refused to leave after being eliminated? Or the one who really loved her cat? Or the one who donned a shirt that bragged about her status as a "Gold Digger?"

Or the one who got naked a lot? Okay, she wasn't all that bad.

But click through the above slideshow to be reminded of all the reasons why one may not want to be The Bachelor after all. No matter how great it would be to befriend Chris Harrison...

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