11 Teen Brides and a Groom: Which Stars Got Married Very Young?

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Thanks to MTV, viewers now have a firm grasp on how difficult it can be to live at a teen mom.

But what about life as a teen bride or a teen groom? Turns out, this is no walk in the relationship park, either.

A number of celebrities have exchanged vows before they were legally permitted to vote. Heck, some even did so before they were legally permitted to drink.

And this may come as a shock, but nearly none of these marriages worked out in the end.

For many stars, they were the first of multiple weddings. For others, the marriage served as a springboard to fame, though that fame has fortunately been fleeting for someone such as Courtney Stodden.

Did any of the famous teenage bridges featured above become famous teenage moms?

Cycle through the photo gallery now and try to heed a life lesson from the actresses and singers who may have been better served not putting a ring on it.

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