Wendy Williams Defends Iggy Azalea: Haters Hate 'Cause She's White!

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Wendy Williams, the mega popular talk show host, has somewhat surprisingly raced to the defense of Iggy Azalea, the Caucasian, Australian queen of rap.

Iggy took herself off social-media earlier today following a barrage of Internet-based vitriol, and Williams says Azalea is just being hated-on because ...

Wendy Williams Red Carpet Pic
It's Iggy Azalea!

She's white.

Iggy's been hearing the hate for a while now. But the final straw came after the twitter-verse started getting all snarky about a bikini pic of hers that was less than flattering.

The sensitive star took herself off twitter, saying that her management team would do most of the tweeting for her from now on, unless the tweet is marked with an "IA".

But Wendy Williams, as always, calls it like she sees it, saying: "It seems like black people don't want this girl to win because she's white."

Wendy Williams has always been audacious, but this time she's getting political. She continues,

"You take over the radio. You can be heard on hip-hop stations, Top 40 stations. My father who just turned 84 knows who Iggy Azalea is."

"The little goobers running around in nursery schools know who Iggy Azalea is ... In other words, you're a hater because she's crossed over and she's managed to make it."

"You're a hater because she got herself what looks like a black girl's butt and a black boyfriend, Nick Young. You need to stop that hate and get a life, haters."

Check out the episode below ...

Wendy says, "I'm not sticking up for her cuz I know here. Never met the girl in my life." Wendy's actions are as pure as the driven show.

She's got the time and the platform, so why not help the poor girl out?

But will it be enough to bring Iggy back to the twitter fold? Will Iggy resume her feuds with everybody from Azalea Banks to Q-Tip and Snoop?

The answer is ... YES!

Whether or not Iggy comes back today or tomorrow, she hasn't really left anything. "Leaving" twitter means deleting your account and LEAVING!

Simply saying that you're only going to tweet sometimes and that your management team is going to tweet for you the rest of the time isn't leaving.

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