Uma Thurman Pulls a Renee Zellweger: What Happened to Her FACE?!

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Uma Thurman stepped out at a premiere event in New York last night, and is it just us does or she look completely freaking a tad...different?

Uma Thurman Plastic Surgery Photo

To be clear - it's not like Uma looks bad here. Quite the opposite.

In fact, if we didn't know the woman in the above photo is supposed to be Uma Thurman, we might be interested in finding out her situation, if ya know what we mean.

Not, the problem is that Uma's got a serious case of Renee Zellweger face going on here, and we can't help but wonder why.

For comparison, here's Uma just one year ago:

Uma Thurman: Before Plastic Surgery

Sure, there are rumors that Uma's dating Quentin Tarantino, so good decisions might not be her strong suit, but what would possess such a naturally gorgeous woman to go under the knife?

Especially, when she spent so many years avoiding blades after severing ties with Bill and the rest of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad! (We sometimes confuse movies with real life.)

Look, we can understand why Uma might be feeling a bit insecure these days:

It's tough for women in Hollywood over 40; her ex-husband Ethan Hawke is up for an Oscar; her new boyfriend is the coked-up human version of IMDB...she's got a lot on her plate. 

We just hope just hope this new look is the result of an allergic reaction, or some sort of perma-grimace from months of listening to Quentin blather on about forgotten Korean zombie films of the 1950s, and not evidence that this gorgeous icon succumbed to pressure to "fix" her already flawless face.

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