Tyga on Kylie Jenner: I Hit That Every Day?!

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Yesterday, Tyga sat down for a radio interview that was supposed to end the suspicion surrounding his relationship with Kylie Jenner. 

Instead, it's just made things far worse.

Naturally, Tyga denied having sex with Kylie, but simply by discussing the matter publicly (something he usually avoids) he's intensified the media's focus on his barely-legal relationship.

All of this has led to renewed interest in a comment that the rapper may or may not have made on Kylie's Instagram page last month:

Kylie Jenner Sports Bra Selfie

According to Media Take Out, just moments after Kylie posted the above photo, Tyga commented, "I hit that every day."

Naturally, he came to his senses and deleted his post within minutes, but the site claims to have a screenshot of Tyga's comment.

As for the rest of Tyga's interview - here's hoping the guy never chooses to represent himself in a trial.

He fumbled with his words and clearly became nervous when the topic of Kylie came up.

At one point, he played the race card in baffling fashion and struggled to explain that the media only thinks he and Kylie are having sex because he's black:

"In black culture it's differnent," Tyga says. "If you hang around somebody, you smashing them. White people, white culture, it's different. They really friends, it's genuine...For me, if I hang around [Kylie] and her sister, they hoes."

The controversial relationship has received more attention than usual in recent weeks, after Amber Rose dissed Kylie and Tyga in her own radio interview.

Prior to that, Drake taunted Tyga about his alleged dalliances with Kylie on his latest mixtape.

Looks like the walls may finally be closing in on Kyga. 

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