The Dress Sales: Through the Roof! (Only in Blue and Black Though!)

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The retailer behind the Internet's most talked-about (and wildly debated) dress said Friday that the frock is flying off the shelves like fashion hotcakes.

That was our terrible intro, not their direct quote. You get the idea though.

If you just returned from a parallel universe and haven't been online in 24 hours, peeps are flipping the f--k out over the #TheDress and what color it is.

We know, we know. What can we say? #FirstWorldProblemsFTW.

The white and gold dress from Roman Originals was trending across all search engines and social media platforms this morning, which was classic. 

Especially since dress was later confirmed as blue and black.

People were at odds over the colors of the dress for various scientific, visual reasons, but there is no debating the fact that the debate is good for business.

Roman Originals says sales overall were up a whopping 347 percent on Friday as people scooped up not only The Dress, but other items as well.

Skeptics wondered if this was a brilliant idea concocted by Roman Originals and BuzzFeed, which helped take the optical illusion viral. Not the case.

"This is 100 percent not a marketing campaign by us," Ian Johnson told NBC News in the wake of the online sensation. "It came by complete surprise."

So much so that demand may exceed supply for the brand:

"Our website's currently at about a million visits to this page alone. We can guarantee that we'll make it through the day. The weekend, we'll have to see."

"We're getting also calls constantly," Johnson told NBC.

"About 150 calls in the last 45 minutes alone.

The dress currently retails at £50 (or $77), and is offered in additional colors including ivory, red, and pink. White and gold are not available ... yet.

How can they not be after this, right?

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