Sean Penn: Cheating on Charlize Theron...With Her Stunt Double?!

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When Sean Penn and Charlize Theron got engaged late last year, the world crossed its collective fingers for Charlize's sake.

After all, Penn doesn't have the greatest track record when it comes to relationships.

He's been married twice before and has been accused of doing some truly awful things (like, Chris Brown-level awful) to his former wives.

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Oh, he also said that "marriage is a fraud" just a few weeks before he popped the question. 

Like we said, extremely cautious optimism was the best that Charlize fans could muster, and now it looks as though Penn has already confirmed (once again) that he remains a grade-A douche-nozzle.

Penn is currently directing Theron in a film called The Last Face, and The National Enquirer reports that the 54-year-old actor has been spotted spending a lot of time with Theron's stunt double on the film, a 30-year-old named Fleur Van Eeden.

"I find Sean very sexy, even though he's older," Van Eeden tells the tabloid. She goes on to recount an intimate evening that she, Sean, and a select group of crew members spent away from the rest of the production.

"Charlize didn't come," Van Eeden says. "I was alone with Sean and a few others. They put up a tented camp and offered Sean the guesthouse. He refused and insisted on sleeping with us."

Van Eeden declined to offer any details on what went on from there, but it doesn't take a genius to realize Charlize might have something to worry about.

Oh, well. Sean's previous ex-wives - Madonna and Robin Wright - are doing pretty well for themselves, so at least she'll be in good company.

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