Randy Quaid Sex Video: Insane Actor Really Gives it to Wife Wearing Rupert Murdoch Mask

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Randy Quaid used to be known for his roles in National Lampoon's Vacation, The Last Picture Show, The Last Detail, Midnight Express and Independence Day.

Nowadays, well, he's known for very different things.

Specifically, his latest "movie" involves him bending his wife Evi over and having sex with her while she wears a creepy-looking mask of Rupert Murdoch.

Because obviously, this bizarre event happened:

Randy and Evi Quaid live in Canada, where they sought refugee status after facing charges for vandalism and burglary in the U.S. a few years ago.

The couple alleged then that they were among the targets of "star whackers" who killed a number of celebrities as part of a vast, shadowy conspiracy.

Based on this new video, it appears Randy Quaid has not come back from the deep end since we last heard from them. No, he's gone even deeper.

Pun intended. He really gives it to Evi/Rupert here.

Randy begins the above clip by ranting that a Warner Brothers executive stole his house after he helped make the company more than a billion dollars.

He also claims that Warner Brothers had him arrested "six times by TMZ," which doesn't make any sense, but really, nothing about this comes close.

Quaid also lays into the New York Post, and its parent company's owner Rupert Murdoch, who he alleges has "f--ked" him over rather aggressively.

As payback, Randy wants to "f--k" Murdoch back.

That's when Evi Quaid straps on her Rupert Murdoch mask, bends over and simulates doggy style sex with Randy, who really goes to town on him/her.

Perhaps the most noteworthy moment is Randy's recitation of his character's final line from Independence Day during their bizarre sexual escapades.

NOTE: There is no nudity in the above video.

However, it's still very much NSFW due to language, obvious sexual content, as well as the fact that your brain can never unsee what you are about to watch.

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