Nick Gordon: Bobby Brown is a JOKE! I Already Talked to the Cops!

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Ever since Bobbi Kristina Brown was found unconscious in her bathtub on January 31, family, friends and fans have suspected that her self-proclaimed husband Nick Gordon might be playing a role in trying to conceal what really happened to her. 

The Brown family has reportedly banned Gordon from visiting Bobbi, as they believe he has refused to cooperate with the police investigation into her near-drowning.

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Bobby Brown at BET Awards

Earlier today, Gordon lashed out at Bobby Brown on Twitter, claiming the former R&B was a negligent father who played little role in Bobbi Kristina's life.

Several hours later, Gordon is still venting his frustration on social media in an increasingly bizarre tirade.

In addition to hurling expletives at strangers who have suggested he could have done more to save Bobbi, Gordon is still attacking Bobby Brown for his alleged failings as a parent.

"Only regret is not getting to Bobbi faster to give CPR," Gordon tweeted moments ago. "When she wakes up and tells the truth I wish I could see the looks on your faces."

Gordon also denied that he has refused to talk to police:

"I've talked to the cops, no lawyer. If Roswell detectives know how to do their job everything is cool. #DontFabricate."

Gordon's tone changes dramatically from one tweet to the next - asking his followers to pray for Bobbi Kristina one moment, angrily insisting that he's independently wealthy the next.

But the most startling tweets are directed at Bobby Brown.

Gordon claims Brown only spends time at the hospital for the sake of his public image, and is more concerned with Bobbi Kristina's money than with her health:

"Go check out the few pics he has with her. Check out Kris and I pics. Dude is a joke played out. He is only here for publicity...Bobby seen his daughter 4 times in the last 5 years. Now him and his family want Whitney's $$$ which belongs to Krissy or Cissy."

Gordon added that he will do whatever Brown asks of him, as long as he is permitted to visit Bobbi Kristina "24/7." Brown has not responded publicly.

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