Mike Comrie: Hilary Duff's Husband Offered Waitress Money for Sex, Source Claims

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It's been a strange few months for Hilary Duff.

First, she attempted a musical comeback by releasing the single "Chasing the Sun." 

It flopped, and instead of renewing interest in her career, it simply gained her the attention of her loser ex Aaron Carter. Carter proceeded to stalk Duff via social media, despite the fact that she's still married.

Yes, Duff split from Mike Comrie way back in January of 2014, but they've since then they've done a sort of on-again, off-again thing and balked at finalizing their divorce. 

Mike Comrie in 2011

But we get the feeling that Hilary may finally be ready to call it quits for good:

It seems Mike went out with a friend last week and got positively loaded during dinner.

Witnesses say Comrie relentlessly hit on his waitress throughout the meal, then continued to creep on her after his friend left.

"I watched him as he blatantly and repeatedly hit on his waitress," says one onlooker. "It became a bit creepy. Even his buddy tried to dial him back a bit. Mike just wouldn't let up with the flirting."

Then things got even uglier as Comrie continued to knock 'em back:

"Mike's pal had left an hour or so before. So he'd been drinking alone for a while and then as the restaurant was closing for the night, Mike approaches this woman at the bar. She is clearly sitting with her husband or boyfriend."

"It's clear that Mike is confused and very drunk now...He reaches into his wallet and pulls out hundreds of dollars. He asks the woman, 'How much for sex? Name your price? How much do you want to have sex with me?'"

Another witness says Mike offered the waitress $600 before finally being bounced from the restaurant. Sounds like you found a keeper, Hilary!

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